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Transform your oral health with our personalized implant assessment at Finesse Dental Care.

Assessing Dental Implants to Determine Candidacy & Benefits.

Return to Full Dental Function

Stunning porcelains replicate natural teeth perfectly.

There may be several possibilities when it comes time to replace lost teeth, whether one or a complete set. You can frequently take advantage of regular chewing and a full smile with dental implants at Finesse Dental Care. We offer a durable option that comes as near to developing new teeth as possible. You'll feel natural strength and function because of the implants' skillful placement in the same bone that once held teeth. We at Finesse Dental create lifelike outcomes with contemporary porcelains that can make you completely forget they aren't your teeth.

We're Dedicated to Aiding Patients Reform Their Bite with Dental Implants.

Our Finesse Dentists know it can be complicated to sort through the numerous options. At Finesse Dental, our experience in restorative dentistry enables us to create action plans for every situation. Our Finesse Dentists are interested in discussing how we might collaborate to find the best solution for you. One of Healthcare's Greatest Values

Even with all the advantages, the expense of dental implant operations must be considered. The service at Finesse Dental provides one of the finest values in contemporary healthcare when your case combines cutting-edge imaging, extensive training, and unique material technologies. Dental implants can be placed at a fraction of the usual cost compared to replacing other complex body components and joints. Even better, most patients resume their regular activities right once and typically experience normal chewing, bite strength, and appearance for the rest of their lives.

Exceptional Dental Services Practice in Lisle, IL.
Finesse Dental Care

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We are a highly qualified team of dental implant providers dedicated to beautifully restoring missing teeth. Call Today! (331) 308-0700

Exceptional Dental Services Practice in Lisle, IL.

What makes implants unique?

Finesse Dental Care offers precise implant assessment and personalized treatment plans for optimal patient satisfaction.


A stable life-like replacement, not just a “space filler”. Implants function as tooth roots, preventing bone loss like real roots.


Dental implants have over a 90% success rate. If cared for properly, implants can last as long as you do with very little maintenance.


Placed in the same bone that once supported teeth. The stability and confidence you feel with implants will leave you delighted.

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