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New Patient Forms: Simplify Your Registration Process.

Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Finesse dental practice, where smiles are our specialty! We're glad that you've entrusted us with your dental care. As we embark on this adventure together, we sincerely desire to provide you with the finest individualized service. We need some information from you to get this ball rolling. Don't worry; we've added some flavoring to make it more bearable. New patients can fill out the forms online now or arrive 15 minutes early to their appointment and fill them out in our comfortable waiting room. Prepare for a dental experience like no other; we've put on our creative caps to make it that way!

Patient Information

The magic starts right here! Provide us with some background information to get to know you better. Share everything about yourself, from your name to your dental history, on this first step towards a lifetime of healthy, confident grins. Let's take the plunge into our first experience with the dentist!

Dental History

Let's discover your teeth's secrets! Tell us about your past treatments, concerns, and successes. We'll develop a customized dental roadmap to ensure confident smiles and optimal oral health. Let's make history by sharing your dental stories!

Medical History

We want to know about your health beyond dentistry. Please list any medical conditions, prescriptions, allergies, or surgeries. Knowing your medical history helps us integrate dental care with your overall health, our top goal. Let's build a complete picture of your health to help you get healthier and happy!

Authorizations and Acknowledgements

We're close! We cross our t's and dot our i's here. Signing this area allows us to provide excellent dental care and brighten your smile. By accepting these terms, you join us on this exciting adventure to discover oral health together. We'll navigate the dental possibilities and create a beautiful, healthy smile that will make you proud!

Insurance Information

Let's discuss your dental superhero sidekick—insurance! We need your insurance information to make the process easy. We'll manage the paperwork and claim filings while you enjoy your dental trip. With your insurance details, we'll uncover coverage superpowers and fulfill your dental ambitions. Grab your insurance card, and let's use your dental benefits!

Communications Release

We aim to keep you informed throughout the process. By completing this release, you consent to receive critical updates, appointment reminders, and oral health information. Your contact information will be kept secure and used only to improve your dental experience. Get ready for a flood of useful communications to enhance your smile. Keep in touch and communicate!

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