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Oral health problems should be addressed from the infant stage, as prevention is always better than cure. Educating parents about oral health from the infant stage lays a good foundation for healthy adult mouths. Pediatric dentistry depends on building rapport with the kids and getting treatment done. Behavior management is also called behavior management in pediatric dentistry.

At Finesse, Dental, we conduct oral examinations with digital X-rays and take up preventive procedures like fluoride, sealant applications, etc. Diet habits will be explained to the parents occasionally, and interventional orthodontics will correct any early malocclusion.

It is recommended that every kid should see a dentist by their first birthday. Kids can't be expected as adults, and kid's dental care can't be treated the same. Treatment techniques will vary from child to child and differ from adult techniques.

A happy, joyful, and calm environment will be provided for the kids to reduce apprehension and fear. A positive attitude towards oral health will be developed as the kid grows. We help kids cultivate healthy smiles through our preventive and interventional procedures.

Services offered include:

Infant Oral Exam

Dental care for little ones(baby teeth care). Our infant oral exams ensure a healthy start, promoting proper oral development & well-being.

Learn more about Infant Oral Exams >

Pediatric Cleanings and Exams

We deliver gentle pediatric cleanings and exams. We create a positive experience for children by focusing on their comfort.

Learn more about Pediatric Cleanings and Exams>

Digital X-rays

High-resolution digital X-rays for detailed diagnostics, enabling precise treatment planning & reducing radiation exposure.

Learn more about Digital X-Rays >


Effective fluoride treatments strengthen teeth, prevent cavities and maintain excellent oral health for children & adults.

Learn more about Fluoride >


Gentle frenectomies for improved oral function, treating tongue & lip ties to enhance speech, feeding, & overall oral health.

Learn more about Frenectomies >

Pediatric Sealants

Shield little smiles from cavities with pediatric dental sealants, a safe & effective preventive measure for long-term protection.

Learn more about Pediatric Sealants >

Restorative Dentistry

Repairing and enhancing smiles with dental treatments like fillings & crowns for optimal oral health and a radiant smile.

Learn more about Restorative Dentistry >

Sports Mouthguards

Safeguarding smiles with mouth guards during sports activities, minimizing dental injuries & ensuring athletes' oral safety.

Learn more about Sports Mouthguards >

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Seamless tooth-colored fillings. Restore your smile with our aesthetic dental solutions for long-lasting & beautiful results.

Learn more about Tooth-Colored Fillings >

Tooth Extractions

Expert tooth extractions with comfort. Our team ensures a smooth procedure, prioritizing your oral health and well-being.

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