Periodontal Therapy


Gum disease or periodontal disease affects about 30% of the adult population.

Periodontal disease symptoms are mild to moderate in most cases. It often causes tooth loss without lots of pain or other symptoms that come to the patient's notice. In simple terms, gum disease shatters the foundation and support system of the teeth.

Regular dental exams, professional cleanings, and good home care practices are essential to detect and strategically manage periodontitis and are essential for periodontal therapy.

Causes of Gum Disease?

Our mouth is a harbor of many good and bad bacteria. These bacteria attach to the dental surfaces and cause the release of millions of toxins, which provoke inflammatory reactions and subsequent damage to the tissues.

The bone around the tooth will be lost more than 50% before the patient realizes it. The regeneration of this lost bone is almost impossible, and the accumulation of bacteria will be more around these pocket areas. In advanced cases, untreated gum disease leads to abscesses and generalized tooth loss.


At Finesse Dental Care, periodontal disease can be diagnosed by considering a few factors affecting gum and bone. The color, texture, and bleeding on probing the tissues indicate the severity of the disease. A periodontal probe is an instrument that detects pockets formed around the tooth-supporting tissues. If these measurements are more than 3 millimeters and bleed upon probing, then periodontal disease is present.

It's also vital to examine the levels, shape, and density of the bone around your teeth on digital X-rays. By collecting this data, a precise picture forms about your gum condition.


The personalized treatment plan is established after diagnosis by our finesse dentists. Depending on the severity and stage of the disease, gentle numbing of your gums and root planing or scaling is suggested in the early stages. Significant issues will be resolved in the first few visits with non-surgical periodontal therapy. The infected pocket around each tooth, including the mineralized tartar, must be carefully cleaned with hand and ultrasonic instruments. Polishing will create smooth surfaces on the teeth and prevent plaque accumulation. Patients prefer laser periodontal therapy compared to conventional treatment.

Maintenance Matters

Regular home care is a crucial step in periodontal health. Plaque left for 24 hours unattended will mineralize, and form calculus which is very difficult for manual removal, and special attention is required for it.

Mouth-Body Connection

Periodontal health plays a very important role in cardiac health and oral cancers. Studies show good periodontal maintenance is paramount for a healthy heart and cancer-free mouth.

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