It is known that individuals who have the least number of teeth restored during childhood are at a decreased risk of dental issues in the future.

One effective way to significantly reduce the number of cavities a child may develop during their childhood is through dental sealants. On the chewing surface of molars, there are deep grooves that can be compared to a canyon when viewed under a microscope. While these crevices may appear narrow, they are still wide enough for bacteria to hide, leading to cavity formation.

Sealing the permanent molars' grooves at an early stage can significantly reduce the likelihood of decay. The dental sealant procedure is quick, comfortable, and does not require anesthesia. By applying the sealant material, a smooth surface is formed that fills the grooves and simplifies the cleaning process for little hands. The grooves are then coated with a resin material and quickly sealed with a blue curing light. This protective procedure takes only a few minutes and shields your child's teeth from cavities. It's important to note that sealants typically last a few years and may require periodic repairs or replacements. However, research has shown a remarkable 90% reduction in tooth decay on the chewing surface of sealed molars. This simple and cost-effective step can greatly benefit your child, helping them enter adulthood with fewer fillings.

At Finesse Dental Care, we offer dental sealants for children, emphasizing cavity prevention and the benefits of sealants for molars. Providing exceptional dental care is the commitment of our caring team and experienced finesse dentists. We also offer a wide range of treatments, including preventative care, family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement, extract or preserve options, oral appliances, and advanced technology.

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